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Myles Palmer is a digital designer and educator using design and code to create meaningful experiences, investigate different ways of interacting and crafting bespoke digital solutions for a broad range of clients.

He is currently available for freelance projects, speaking and educational opportunities to do with user experience, interface and digital design.

Past Experience

Talks & Press

Selected Work

New home for one of the oldest and most prestigious photographic agencies in the world. If there’s a photo you love, it’s probably been taken by a Magnum photographer. Created whilst Design Director at Future Corp (2018)


Speech to text site for my talk for Frieze Academys 'The Art of...' masterclass series. Titled 'The Art of Creative Direction', uncertain of what to talk about and fearing babbling on at the front infront of a slideshow, instead you could ask me a question in advance by speaking into the browser and submitting it which I then answered in the talk. Designed & Built as Independent Practice (2019)


Immersive website for Ivy Park (offline), the unapologetic athleisure brand founded by Beyonce aimed at people that live and work in their workout clothes. Created whilst Digital Designer at Jonny Lu Studio (2016)


Design concepts & consultation for LOVE Magazine. A new design aimed to increase readership, discoverability and reading experience for users from article to article whilst retaining the core personality of LOVE: playful, raw and bold. Designed in collaboration with Robin Pyon (2019)


An editorially driven portfolio for Londons most prestigious luxury interior design company David Collins Studio, a place for expression and commentary, not just galleries of projects. Created whilst Senior Digital Art Director at Future Corp (2018)


Portfolio for architecture visualisation studio Grain showing the craft and technical excellence of their work emphaised by their own, personal voices. You can craft bespoke stories of your own through clipping videos and images to share with clients. Created whilst Design Director at Future Corp (2018)


Call This Number is a time limited video subscription service that broadcasts raw, lo-fi music performances in a garage in North London from a range of artists such as Bobby Gillespie, Yak and Jeremy Deller. Created whilst Digital Designer at Jonny Lu Studio (2016)


Vibrant portfolio for set designer Imogen Frost that plays with depth and colour to reflect the core elements of her work. Designed in collaboration with Robin Pyon (2017)


A new eCommerce platform for Manolo Blahnik, one of the most iconic shoe designers of the last four decades. Created whilst Design Director at Future Corp (2018)


Split-scroll website for Film Director Kaj Jefferies, which was featured on Hover States. Designed in collaboration with Robin Pyon (2017)


Shifting fashion technology company Unmade communications from B2C to a B2B company and housing it in a new site that's befitting of a company transforming the fashion industry. Created whilst Senior Digital Art Director at Future Corp (2017)


Side scrolling website for Photographer Benjamin Swanson (offline) designed to mimic the way they would be displayed on a gallery wall. Designed & built in collaboration with Nathan Matthews (2016)


What is this?

I’m available for weekly, 30 minute, one to one sessions for anyone looking for advice and guidance on things like digital design, UX, portfolio reviews, front-end code (a little!), freelancing and project management.

This is an extension of a site I created for a Frieze Academy talk.


When I left university, I met With Associates through their pairing site. It proved to be invaluable for me as a designer seeking advice, still to this day I carry the advice with me.

‘Proper’ mentorship schemes are often long-term commitments for mentors and mentees, the schedules can be tough, places are often limited and you are restricted by location.

Therefore I’m opening up my ‘office’, twice a week to start with for 30 minutes each time, for anyone who wants it.

We can meet via video, phone, in-person (near my office in East London) — whatever suits.

Booking Notes

When booking, please give a brief description of what you want to talk about, who you are and anything else you feel is relevant.
If there is no date listed, feel free to send me an email still and I can see when the earliest would be.


Tuesday 23 April, 13:00 (BST)
Friday 26 April, 13:00 (BST)
Wednesday 1 May, 12:30 (BST)
Tuesday 7 May, 13:00 (BST)
Thursday 9 May, 12:30 (BST)
Wednesday 15 May, 13:00 (BST)
Friday 17 May, 13:00 (BST)


This service is free of charge and it is only for the listed topics. It is not for networking, business enquiries or anything related to my work.

Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. I’m running this alongside working, so please bear with me for replies and confirmations.

I can’t guarantee I can help you solve everything, but I can at least be a wall to bounce off!

Interested in doing it too?

If you're interested in volunteering some time too, I'm happy to pop your name up here with some timeslots and people can be directed via it. Just send me an email and let's chat!